PERTH, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 12: Merv Hughes of Australia appeals during the Legends Twenty20 match between Australia and England at the WACA December 12, 2006 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Sledging is a much-loved part of cricket, whether it be at local level or on the international stage.

With some of the world's greatest being known for their witty remarks and quips, we take a looks at some of the best sledges in the game's history.


1. Michael Slater/Darren Berry vs Shane Warne

Australian teammates clashed in the middle of a state game as batting great Michael Slater made his way to the crease.

Both Warne and Berry looked to take advantage of Slater's known short temper, offering a stunning two-piece sledge.

Warne: “Tick”

Berry: “Tock”

Warne: “Tick”

Berry: “Tock”

After soon being caught in the deep, Slater's marching orders were met with Warne and Berry having the perfect conclusion to their tampering of the opener.


2. Adam Gilchrist vs Mohammad Kaif

After Kaif allegedly snicked the ball to Gilchrist and opted not to walk, the Australian wicketkeeper reminded the Indian batsman of all the eyes looking on while also throwing in a nice "champ".

"The whole world is watching, Champ."

3. Merv Hughes vs Robin Smith

With England’s Robin Smith unable to convince many at the crease, Merv was happy to give some friendly advice from the field: "If you turn the bat over you’ll get the instructions mate."

4. Dennis Lillee

"I can see why you are batting so badly, you’ve got some s**t on the end of your bat," Lillee commonly said to batsmen.

When they would flip over their bat to examine the other end, Lillee would add: "Wrong end mate."

5. Fred Flintoff vs Tino Best

With Tino Best doing his best to find the boundary rope with some reckless swinging, Flintoff was witty enough to help the West Indian with some advice.

"Mind those windows, Tino," Flintoff said when Best was attempting to swing for the stars.

Best attempted another aggressive shot the next ball and was stumped, prompting a memorable moment between the two nations.

6. Fred Trueman 

As an unnamed Australian batsman made his way onto the field, Trueman was straight to the point as soon as the boundary gate was opened.

"Don't bother shutting it, son, you won't be there long enough," he said.

7. Merv Hughes vs Graham Gooch 

After Gooch played and missed at a Hughes delivery, the Australian quickly quipped: "I'll get you a piano instead to see if you can play that."

8. Ian Healy

With the Aussies looking for victory away from home in South Africa, tensions were interrupted with a stunning exchange of words at the crease between Ian Healy and an unnamed plump batsman.

Healy was able to leave everyone in hysterics with his remark to Shane Warne.

"Bowl a Mars Bar half way down...We'll get him stumped," Healy said.

The batsman's retort: "Nah, Boonie fielding at short leg will be onto it before I can move."

9. Fred Trueman (Part II)

Another classic from the Englishman.

Batsman: "That was a very good ball, Fred."

Trueman: "Aye, and it was wasted on you."

10. Tony Greig vs David Hookes

Greig: "When are your balls going to drop, sonny?"

Hookes: "I don’t know, but at least I’m playing cricket for my own country."