HOBART, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 09: Adam Zampa of the Stars during the Men's Big Bash League match between the Hobart Hurricanes and the Melbourne Stars at Blundstone Arena, on January 09, 2023, in Hobart, Australia. (Photo by Simon Sturzaker/Getty Images)

Adam Zampa is once again calling for rule changes in the BBL, this time suggesting a backyard cricket-like rule change could help with the league's latest dilemma.

His idea is to remove the hotly-disputed rule that hitting the ball into the Marvel Stadium roof grants a player six runs.

Instead, the leg spinner believes that doing so should leave the batter at risk of being dismissed if a fielder catches the ball with one hand.

Basically, it would be a professional version of 'one-hand one-bounce,' a traditional Aussie rule in backyard cricket.

When asked about whether the idea aforementioned should be a new rule, the World Cup champion said: "Yeah, why not?"

"Honestly, it's a little bit bizarre that they call it a six when the ball goes straight up in the air," he said, via cricket.com.au. 

"As a bowler, you expect that deceive a batsman and at least be in with a chance of getting a wicket.

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"Maybe build the roof a bit higher."

Whilst it is not entirely certain whether Zampa was serious or not, there is no doubt that many want the current rule to be changed, particularly after Joe Clarke and Beau Webster were awarded six runs for hitting the roof in the Melbourne Derby over the weekend.

Australian cricket legend Mark Waugh has led the charge in saying that hitting the roof should plainly be a dead ball.

"When that happens, you know how lucky you are," Zampa said.

"It's nothing about getting on top of the bowler or anything like that. It's just pure luck."

Ultimately, despite receiving 12 controversial runs, the Stars failed to score 21 runs off 25 balls when just three wickets down, all but ending their season.

"Our batting let us down tonight again, unfortunately," Zampa said.

"It feels like we've been in this position way too many times.

"You'd hope even tailenders would be able to get that done but it was a bit of inexperience on our part and some bad gamesmanship."

With superstar captain Glenn Maxwell out for the season due to injury, Zampa's first season as captain has been a disappointing one.