Australian captain Michael Clarke has labelled claims that he has lost the hunger for international cricket as "rubbish."

Clarke said that criticism of his form is warranted, but not his desire to play at the highest level.

"But I've heard there have been a few articles questioning me for not having that hunger inside me," Clarke wrote in his regular News Limited column.

"I think somebody said they could 'see it in my eyes' that I was finished after this series.

"That's a complete load of rubbish.

"People can certainly have a shot at me about my performance, but they can't have a shot at me about my desire.

"To question me on my hunger kills me, it absolutely kills me, because I pride myself on trying to get better every single day."

Clarke has struggled with the bat not just this series, but for most of the year, with his last 28 Test innings only yielding six scores over 25.

"People are talking about how I'm going to retire after this series, well they don't know me," he wrote.

“Chris Rogers waited until 35 years of age to play his second Test.

“I’m 34, not 37, and I want to keep playing for Australia beyond this series, however I will be judged on performance like everyone else.”