Australian Cricket Hall of Fame Presentation
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 27: Former Australian cricketer Justin Langer pictured during an Australian Cricket Hall of Fame Presentation at Melbourne Cricket Ground on January 27, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Jonathan DiMaggio/Getty Images for the Australian Cricketers' Association)
Australian Cricket Hall of Fame Presentation

Cricket Australia board member and former New South Wales premier Mike Baird has revealed Nick Hockley was ultimately responsible for the decision to only offer former head coach Justin Langer a short-term contract to continue his tenure in charge of the team.

Baird is the first board member to open up on the decision to ultimately oust Langer, but refused to confirm whether the board were unanimous in voting for the decision Hockley eventually made.

Langer officially resigned from his post over the weekend following Cricket Australia's offer of a short-term deal which would have seen him in charge until the end of the home T20 World Cup this summer.

According to Baird in an interview with 2GB, the board signed off on the call, but Hockley had made the decision Langer shouldn't be offered a long-term deal in charge of the team.

“The CEO has obviously run a process, it’s not about the last four years, it’s about the next four years and he’s made a decision considering all stakeholders. Yes, team, also staff and a whole range of other people and made a decision that it is time to transition, which happens in sport,” Baird told Fordham.

“I wasn’t … involved in all the discussions but I think it is disappointing what’s played out (reaction from ex-players). It shouldn’t diminish who Justin Langer is and what he’s achieved in Australian cricket.

“There’s a new team, a new coach that will be coming. In every way we should be thankful to Justin Langer, but obviously the decision of the CEO, consulting multiple opinions was it was time to transition.

“Obviously he (Hockley) was hopeful that Justin would transition for an additional period.

He’s decided to leave and of course you respect that. I’ve got nothing but respect and thanks for the incredible memories of Justin Langer.”

Baird refused to delve into details on the board meeting.

“I’m not going to talk about the board meeting and I think my comments stand,” Baird said.

“I am very appreciative of who Justin Langer is, what he’s achieved. Obviously cricket’s taken a decision for the next four years to move to a new coach.”