The Western Australian Cricket Association is set to review its dress code after three female journalists were told during the first Test between Australia and South Africa at the WACA that their clothing was "indecent".

The WACA dress code and standards were explained to the trio last week, after being told their outfits did not meet the Cricket Association's standards.

The women were told their dresses and skirts were too short, with WACA members' dress standards stating that dresses must be no more than 8.5cm above the knee and dress straps at least 5cm wide.

ESPN's Melinda Farella took to Twitter to slam the venue for its outdated regulations.

"It must be SUCH a comfort to WACA members, as they gaze at all the empty seats, to know their 1960s dress code for women is being upheld," she wrote.

"Should point out it’s the voting members, not the WACA admin, who find knee caps so offensive. They SHOULD be offended by poor test crowds."

Farrell says that the WACA ground has since apologised, while WACA CEO Christina Matthews said regulations would be reviewed.

"A full review of the dress code will be carried out at the end of the summer to determine the success of the new approach prior to finalising any future dress code changes, including the standards we intend to apply for the members areas at Perth Stadium," she said.