SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - MAY 27: Glenn Maxwell of Australia during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Warm Up match between Australia and Sri Lanka at The Hampshire Bowl on May 27, 2019 in Southampton, England. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

Australian superstar Glenn Maxwell has backed his switch-hit skill, stating its just a part of the game.

Maxwell’s comments come after former Australia Test captain Ian Chappell voiced his concerns about the style of shot.

The switch-hit has been a topic of discussion since England’s Kevin Pietersen first made the hot over a decade ago.

“It is very skilful, some of it’s amazingly skilful – but it’s not fair,” Chappell said on Channel Nine’s website.

Maxwell is known for to have a various bag of tricks when at the crease, using the switch-hit against India in Wednesday’s ODI loss.

“It’s within the laws of the game,” Maxwell said post-game

Maxwell scored 59 off 38 balls at Manuka Oval and brought out a switch-hit that went for six and over 100 metres.

“Batting has evolved in such a way that it has just got better and better over the years, which is why we see these massive scores getting chased down. The scores are going up.”

Maxwell believes it’s up to the bowling group to catch up with the times and find new ways to throw the batsman off-guard.

“The way batting is evolving, bowling has got to try and evolve to the same stage and you see guys come up with knuckleballs and wide yorker fields and different tactics.

“The tactics of one-day cricket have definitely evolved over the last little bit as well. I just see it as a different part of the evolution of the game.”

Shane Warne believes you can see the change and development of batsmen compared to bowlers, while speaking during the first ODI against India.

“The batsmen have got better, they’ve improvised, they are so good and so skilful,” he said on Fox Cricket.

“I still think the bowlers haven’t yet caught up and developed different skills. Why aren’t they getting better at bowling the yorkers, why haven’t they gotten better at delivery a slower ball bouncer, or picking the time to bowl the right delivery?

“That’s where I think the bowlers really need to improve

“As a bowler, we have to nominate what hand we’re bowling with, and what side of the wicket we’re bowling with

“I’m setting a field to a right-hand batsman, so now when they switch-hit, I’m actually bowling to a left-hand batsman.

“I’m not sure I like it. It’s worth a discussion, worth a debate to work out what’s the right thing.

“Maybe the bowler can run up behind the umpire and bowl over or around.”