PERTH, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 20: Adam Voges of Western Australia looks on with coach Justin Langer from the players pavillion during day four of the Sheffield Shield match between Western Australia and Tasmania at WACA on November 20, 2016 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

In a light-hearted discussion about one of the worst sledges he received during his glorious cricketing career, Justin Langer has revealed a peculiar moment during a Sheffield Shield match against South Australia.

Western Australia and SA were doing battle at the WACA when young leg-spinner Dan Cullen began sledging the Australian opener.

In an interview on the Backchat Podcast with West Coast Eagles premiership player Will Schofield and Dan Const, Langer revealed Cullen's taunting irked him so much he wanted to "flippin' kill him".

"There's a guy called Dan Cullen who used to play for South Australia. He played one or tests, off-spinner and I was in the height of my test career playing at the WACA," Langer began.

"And there's this young punk about 18 years old, he's bowling. (Cullen says) 'I'm going to get you out. I'm going to get you out'."

"You know what it's like. Little young punks and they are all so cocky, had his earring, red hair and pale skin, bowling to me and I belt him around the park and he still says, 'I'm still going to get you out'.

"Anyway, he gets me out. So as I'm walking past him, he did not say a word, he just winked at me.

"It was the worst sledge in the history of the world. This young punk, I'm the star and he winked at me. I wanted to flippin' kill him."

Cullen was touted as Australia's next prodigy leg-spinner after Australian legend Shane Warne, but would only go to play a single Test for his country against Bangladesh in 2006 at Chattogram.

His career ended at the end of the 2009/2010 Sheffield Shield season at just 26 years of age after losing his state contract.