SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 21: Dan Christian of the Sixers celebrates with his team after taking the wicket of Jon Wells of the Strikers during the Men's Big Bash League match between the Sixers and the Strikers at Sydney Cricket Ground, on December 21, 2021, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

T20 franchise cricket around the world is set to continue to gain more prominence on the global cricketing calendar in the next future tours programme.

While the ICC are yet to release the document, the BCCI have previously confirmed they are seeking a longer window where the only international event will be the IPL on the next programme.

The IPL is the world's largest tournament and has had a window in previous years where there have been few international games, however, it's now reported by CricInfo that the window they have available to them will be increased to two and a half months.

That means that, between the end of March and the start of June each year for the next four, the IPL will have almost exclusive rights to stage and sanction cricket with professional players.

All international cricket will be virtually blocked from occurring, although it remains to be seen whether England's home summer would still start prior to the end of the IPL.

It comes as Australia and England look to cut into their own home summers, with the report suggesting that the BBL and Hundred will have periods where they are played without their national teams playing at home.

This will allow both Cricket Australia and the England Cricket Board to work through issues regarding both tournaments not having elite players playing.

The BBL has faced it as a significant issue in recent years, with broadcasters and fans alike bemoaning the length of the tournament and lack of start quality involved in the tournament thanks to Australian commitments.

While the national team could still be forced on the road, it is likely to see the Australian team playing little cricket through the month of January in coming years, with the home summer likely to end with the New Years' Test more often than not, as it will this coming summer after South Africa pulled out of the ODI series against Australia.

The FTP is due to be released by the ICC in the coming weeks following a final sign off from all national boards.