BRISTOL, ENGLAND - MAY 30: Head coach of Australia, Justin Langer talks to Former player Ricky Ponting during the Australia Nets Session at Bristol County Ground on May 30, 2019 in Bristol, England. (Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images)

Justin Langer lashed out at Australian cricket, slamming the Cricket Australia (CA) hierarchy for "bulls*** politics" amidst his tumultuous departure as head coach of the national side.

Langer stepped down as Australian coach in February after growing discontent among staff and players in Australian cricket.

Langer broke his silence on the matter at a Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA function in Perth, revealing details of a conversation with CA chairman Richard Freudenstein after his decision.

Following his resignation, a large contingent of former Australian greats lambasted CA, supporting Langer's tenure by pointing towards his near unbeaten record in the 2021/22 summer and a T20 World Cup title.

Langer, who has since been replaced by Andrew McDonald as head coach, steadfastly defended his outspoken supporters.

"The first thing he [Freudenstein] said to me was, 'It must make you feel so good that all your mates are supporting you in the media,'" Langer said.

"I said, 'Yeah it is, acting chairman, but with all due respect, those mates are also the all-time greats of Australian cricket," Langer continued.

"They are the fabric of Australian cricket. They are Australian cricket. They also work all around the world in cricket. So yeah, I'm glad my mates are looking after me"

He then revealed that the last six months of his tenure were his most enjoyable period of coaching, despite the public debate over his role.

"Ironically, the last six months of my coaching career were the most enjoyable period of 12 years of coaching. Not only did we win everything, but I had energy, and I had focus, and I was happy — besides the bullshit politics," he continued

When asked about coaching England, Langer scoffed at the suggestion, claiming he had never spoken to English cricket.

"The thought of coaching England … mate!" he said.