Australia v India - ICC World Test Championship Final 2023: Day Two
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 08: Match Umpire Richard Illingworth assesses the match ball as Pat Cummins of Australia looks on during day two of the ICC World Test Championship Final between Australia and India at The Oval on June 08, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)
Australia v India - ICC World Test Championship Final 2023: Day Two

It seems the ongoing Ashes series and previous World Test Championship may finally be the straw that breaks the ICC's back in taking on-field action over rates.

The Ashes, in three Tests, have barely seen a day with the allotted 90 overs completed, which follows a World Test Championship final between Australia and India in London that saw both teams docked 100 per cent of their match fee for slow over rates.

While limits of 50 per cent of match fees on fines are being considered, and the policy regarding point deductions on the world Test Championship table are to remain, CricInfo is reporting the ICC and MCC are investigating how to bring on-field penalties into the game.

The first World Test Championship cycle saw Australia miss the final thanks to over reductions, and if reports are to be believed, the ICC may dock the Aussies 13 points out of the second Test of the Ashes at Lord's after both teams lost points from the first Test of the series.

ICC CEO Geoff Allardice told CricInfo that the men's cricket committee is investigating other penalties that could be applicable given fines are having no impact on the pace of play.

"The scale of the fines is not having any material impact on the pace of play," Allardice said.

"The men's cricket committee looked at the fines and the suggestions and then certainly balanced the level of fines that are being applied. They were very strong at the points deductions for over-rate penalties in the World Test Championship (WTC) to remain in place.

"Teams that do not heed the minimum pace of play jeopardise their opportunity to qualify for the WTC final. The men's cricket committee is looking at potential in-game penalties come the next cycle of the WTC."

He said that while the right balance is yet to be found, there is proof that on-field penalties work as a deterrent to teams for slow play, given the measures in T20I and ODI cricket forcing a team to bring an extra player into the circle once they use their allotted time.

We are still looking at ways in which we can make a difference within Test cricket because it is a concern," Allardice added.

"We haven't had the right combination yet in terms of the fines, points, [and] penalties that can have an impact. I know Australia missed the first edition of the WTC final because of over-rate penalty points, but we are looking at other measures.

"We have been able to introduce measures in T20 and ODI cricket with regards [to] having an extra fielder inside the circle in the last few overs if over rates are slow, but [we are] looking for an in-game penalty for Test cricket as well."

It's believed penalty runs handed out by the hour, session or day may be on the radar of the committee.