ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 26: Steve Smith of Australia walks from the field after being dismissed during game four of the One Day International series between Australia and England at Adelaide Oval on January 26, 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Steve Smith is one of the most decorated players in the game at the moment, having won almost everything there is to win across all three formats of the game.

He has played all across the world in his career, playing county cricket with England, featuring in the IPL in India and playing in the Caribbean Premier League all whilst being a regular feature in Australia's best xi in all three formats of the game.

Now, there are reports that Smith could end up playing in the United States for the inaugural edition of Major League Cricket after he retires from international cricket.

In fact, the previously exiled batter has mentioned that it would be "pretty cool" to play in the US to finish off his career and eventually retire there with his wife Dani.

According to News Corp, he has also been in contact with the organisers of the US tournament that will launch in July of 2023.

The tournament was founded four years ago and whilst it hasn't yet begun, it has had $US120 million pumped into it.

Its most famous investors include the likes of Microsoft CEO Satya Nardella and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.

One of the many goals of the tournament is to become one of the three most popular short-form competitions in the world.

In an exclusive interview, co-founder Sameer Mehta has revealed that there has been much interest from many Australians, one of which is Steve Smith.

“We've been in touch with Steve about his plans and what he's thinking," Mehta said.

“What he'd love to do at some point is play cricket in the US as his schedule permits.

“His view was that if he could make it work and if we could make it work – I know this season, he has commitments. I don't know what the Australian calendar is next year but I believe there is enough space for him to potentially play.”

Whilst it appears unlikely that Smith will play in America this year given the Ashes are starting up in June, Australia has a relatively free schedule in the middle of the year which could pave the way for Smith and other Australians to make the trip up north.

Cricket currently is obviously extremely unpopular in America due to the nation's rich history in other sports, but their cricket organisers are trying their best to increase its popularity through the tournament.

To further interest in the sport, the T20 Cricket World Cup will be played in the USA and the West Indies in June of 2024.