DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - SEPTEMBER 08:Virat Kohli of India speaks to Rishabh Pant of India during the DP World Asia Cup match between India and Afghanistan at Dubai Cricket Stadium on September 08, 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images)

India and Pakistan will square off in front of a sold out Melbourne Cricket Ground in what is likely the biggest match of the group stage at the T20 World Cup.

Zero Wicket will have live coverage of the match from 7pm (AEDT).

The match will see the two sub-continent rivals fight for the right to take the early lead in the Super 12 stage, with every game crucial given the format of the tournament.

The MCG sold out in under ten minutes for the game, with 100,000 fans set to pack in for the contest.

Refresh the page below for live scores and commentary updates from 7pm (AEDT).

Match summary

Pakistan 8/159 (20 overs), India 6/160 (20 overs)

Match scorecard

Toss: India won the toss and elected to field first.

India batting

Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s
KL Rahul B Naseem 4 8 0 0
Rohit Sharma C Iftikhar, B Rauf 4 7 0 0
Virat Kohli Not out 82 53 6 4
Surya Yadav C Rizwan, B Rauf 15 10 2 0
Axar Patel Run Out Azam & Rizwan 2 3 0 0
Hardik Pandya C Azam, B Nawaz 40 34 2 2
Dinesh Karthik St Rizwan, B Nawaz 1 2 0 0
Ravichandran Ashwin Not out 1 1 0 0

Sundries: Wides 6, No balls 1, Byes 3, Leg byes 1

Total: 6/160 (20 overs)

Pakistan bowling

Bowler Overs Maidens Wickets Runs
Shaheen Shah Afridi 4 0 0 33
Naseem Shah 4 0 1 23
Haris Rauf 4 0 2 36
Shadab Khan 4 0 0 21
Mohammad Nawaz 4 0 2 42

Pakistan batting

Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s
Muhammad Rizwan C Kumar, B Arshdeep 4 12 1 0
Babar Azam LBW Arshdeep 0 1 0 0
Shan Masood Not out 52 42 5 0
Iftikhar Ahmad LBW Shami 51 34 2 4
Shadab Khan C Surya, B Hardik 5 6 1 0
Haider Ali C Surya, B Hardik 2 4 0 0
Mohammad Nawaz C Karthik, B Hardik 9 6 2 0
Asif Ali C Karthik, B Arshdeep 2 3 0 0
Shaheen Shah Afridi C & B Bhuveneshwar 16 8 1 1
Haris Rauf Not out 6 4 0 1

Sundries: Wides 6, No balls 0, Byes 2, Leg byes 4

Total: 8/159 (20 overs)

India bowling

Bowler Overs Maidens Wickets Runs
Bhuveneshwar Kumar 4 0 1 22
Arshdeep Singh 4 0 3 32
Mohammad Shami 4 0 1 25
Hardik Pandya 4 0 3 30
Ravichandran Ashwin 3 0 0 23
Axar Patel 1 0 0 21


11:00pm (AEDT)

An amazing performance from Kohli and India as they pull off a huge win over Pakistan.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for joining us.

10:54pm (AEDT)

Ashwin chips a full one over the top and India have a famous victory! What an incredible come from behind victory. What an incredible game of cricket. Virat Kohli finishes on 82 off 53 balls and India have beaten Pakistan in a thriller in front of 90,000 people.

10:53pm (AEDT)

Ravichandran Ashwin in here. 2 to win. 1 for a super over. Oh Nawaz. He has lost his head in this last over and fires it down the leg side.

India can't do worse than a super over.

10:50pm (AEDT)

Oh wow. What has happened here? Dinesh Karthik misses the sweep, then absent-mindedly wanders out of his crease. Ball brushes his pad and he can't get back into his crease before Rizwan whips the bails off.

Third umpire confirms. India need 2 off 1.

10:48pm (AEDT)

And now a wide. Nawaz has lost his way here. The free hit carries over at 5 from 3, and Kohli is bowled from it. The ball runs away to third man and that's incredibly bad luck for Pakistan as they come back for three.

2 from 2.

10:46pm (AEDT)

Nawaz bowls this excellently. Full and pace off. Great running and they grab two, but it's now 13 off 3. Kohli needs a six.

And oh dear! Nawaz with a rank full toss. Kohli sends it behind square leg for a six. Kohli wants a no ball, and he gets it.

10:44pm (AEDT)

Dinesh Karthik on strike. He comes down the track to a rank full toss and grabs a single to long on. No call of no ball, so it's 15 from 4.

10:42pm (AEDT)

Right, here we go. 16 to win. 15 to tie. Pandya tries to hit the first through the leg side, but gets a top edge and it falls to the man at cover point. Pandya goes, and a new man will be on strike.

10:40pm (AEDT)

India need boundaries to finish this over.

Short it is, and Kohli does just that! Stands and delivers to a short one. That is a miraculous shot. Over the sightscreen it goes. 22 from 7.

And ANOTHER! Kohli! Wow. Just flicks this off the pads. Dispatches it over fine leg and India are down to 16 from the last over.

It might be the opening match of the group stage for these sides, but this feels like a final.

10:38pm (AEDT)

A lovely bouncer from Rauf, and Pandya can't get any bat on this one. Just two from the first three balls of this over.

Another short one on the fourth, and Pandya just slaps it down the ground for one. 28 from 8.

10:37pm (AEDT)

Intriguing captaincy here from Babar Azam. Haris Rauf to bowl the 19th, so it'll be spin to finish from Nawaz.

Pandya grabs a single from the first, then Kohli can only get one out to point with Rauf taking the pace off the ball.

10:35pm (AEDT)

Kohli doesn't get a hold of the next bouncer, but does grab a single to mid wicket as Pandya says no to a second.

Short again from Afridi on the next and Pandya can only get a single to mid off.

Last ball of the over, and Kohli sends a terrible short ball to fine leg with a boundary. Fine leg inside the circle and Afridi just got that all wrong.

17 from the over, and India need 31 from 2 overs.

10:32pm (AEDT)

Here we go. India have to attack everything, and Kohli does just that on the first ball, hitting a bouncer through mid wicket for a boundary as he gets to his 50. Shah Afridi then fires a wide down the leg side.

Kohli grabs a couple through the covers on the next, then lofts one over the covers for 4. India have 11 off the first half of this over. Huge for India.

10:29pm (AEDT)

Naseem to bowl out then. Just three runs from the first two balls, then Pandya swings and misses at a slower bouncer. Exceptional bowling at the death here from Pakistan.

Kohli grabs a single, then Pandya can only grab a double himself from the last 2 balls.

India need 48 from 3 overs. Fantastic bowling.

10:25pm (AEDT)

Rauf will try to make up for those wides with a strong finish to this over, and he gets another dot with a length ball outside the off stump as Pandya swings and misses.

Last ball, and India need a boundary. Pandya can't provide though, grabbing just a single into the leg side.

India need 54 from 4 overs.

Crowd - 90,293.

10:23pm (AEDT)

India need a big over from somewhere here as Rauf comes back into the attack. Starts short and wide, but Pandya plays and misses, before he backs away from a straight one, opens the face and grabs a single to third man.

Shaping up as a great over from Rauf, getting a straight one that Kohli can't do anything with. Shorter on the next, but Kohli can only get one as he slaps away to extra cover.

India must find the fence right now, and oh dear. Rauf down the leg side, and only a desperate glove from Rizwan keeps it from five wides. Three wides instead.

10:19pm (AEDT)

Naseem Shah back into the attack for Pakistan with 6 overs to go. 70 to win for India.

Kohli grabs a couple and then a single to start the 15th.

A short ball follows to Hardik and he grabs one through mid wicket.

Kohli then comes up with a boundary, and that's just smart cricket as he comes down the wicket and gets it away. More singles to end the over, and it's another 10 to the total.

5 overs to go.

10:14pm (AEDT)

India just staying in the hunt here. A boundary for Kohli, then a trio of singles from the final over of Shadab's spell.

10:12pm (AEDT)

Kohli now down the track and off the inside half out to deep mid wicket for one. Yorker to finish and that's a dot, but 9 from it.

10:10pm (AEDT)

In an ideal world, Pakistan probably would have bowled 8 overs straight of spin, but that last over forces the change, with Shah Afridi back into the attack.

Single from the first to third man by Kohli, then Pandya puts the second lightly into the leg side and good running gets them back for two.

Another single, then Kohli flicks one that strays down the leg side to the fence. Clever batting, and India, if they can limit dot balls and pick up a boundary or two per over, are right in this game.

10:06pm (AEDT)

And now Kohli! He goes big down the ground. Great use of the feet and he dispatches Nawaz over long on.

Takes a single from the next, and then Pandya loads up over long on!

Three sixes in the over, 20 from it and India grab the momentum.

10:04pm (AEDT)

Big shout for caught behind here. Nawaz with a bit of turn back into the pad and the ball has popped up to the wicketkeeper Rizwan who takes the catch.

Not out, but Pakistan review. No spike on ultra edge, so not out.

10:02pm (AEDT)

Here we go! Pandya! Whack. Huge six over mid wicket here, and didn't India need that?

10:01pm (AEDT)

Aggressive intent clear to see here after drinks here for India. Three singles and a double follow the boundary, only good fielding stopping that last ball from finding the fence.

106 from 9 overs.

9:58pm (AEDT)

Back underway after drinks through Shadab, and India need to put the foot down in a hurry... And that will help. Dot on the first, but then a lovely straight drive from Hardik finds the fence.

9:54pm (AEDT)

Nawaz to bowl again then and Pakistan just continuing to squeeze this game through the middle overs. Pandya and Kohli unable to get much from it, and India need 115 from 10 overs to win.

9:50pm (AEDT)

And just the three from that over. The required run rate continues to climb as Pakistan squeeze the life out of the Indian batting line up for the time being.

9:48pm (AEDT)

Mohammad Nawaz is into the attack now for Pakistan, so spin from both ends. Does a good job of controlling through this over as well, with just five singles through the over.

Required run rate over 10.

9:44pm (AEDT)

India need to find a way to rebuild here, but that required rate is also creeping up towards 10 already, so there isn't a lot of time to do so. A couple of singles taken from Shadab through this over.

9:40pm (AEDT)

Shadab Khan into the attack at Axar Patel here. He takes off for a single that's never there, although could be okay with Pakistan making an absolute mess of this.

But, they have still done another. Axar has to depart, and Pakistan have their fourth. India are miles behind in this game now.

9:36pm (AEDT)

Haris Rauf on fire as well! He gets rid of Yadav after a boundary with a back of a length ball that cramps Yadav for room. He tries to steer down to third man, but feathers through to Rizwan with the gloves.

Powerplay done, India 3 for 31.

9:31pm (AEDT)

India in all sorts here. Naseem with a great over, only going for four.

9:27pm (AEDT)

Surya the new man for India, and he gets a four to start, then a three of the next ball.

7 from the Rauf over to go with the wicket.

9:24pm (AEDT)

Haris Rauf into the attack now for Pakistan. The first ball is a dot, then Rohit Sharma squares up to a beautiful ball from Rauf, this flying off the outside edge to first slip who completes the catch!

Massive problems for India.

9:21pm (AEDT)

Afridi to continue, with Virat Kohli the new man for India. Just a single and a double from this over, the last seeing the former captain of India surviving an LBW shout.

9:17pm (AEDT)

Really strong start here for Pakistan, and they have an early wicket through Naseem Shah, who gets rid of KL Rahul, the Indian opener just playing onto his stumps.

9:11pm (AEDT)

Long hold up with some issues at the sightscreen, but once we do get back underway, Afridid with a good first over. Just four from the last four balls.

9:06pm (AEDT)

Right then, here we go. The run chase is underway. Afridi with a low full toss and it's hit back on the up by Rahul, the ball just falling short of the bowler in his follow through.

India away on the next ball with an inside edge for Rahul.

9:02pm (AEDT)

Back and ready for the chase then. KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma on their way out for India. Shaheen Shah Afridi has the new ball.

8:52pm (AEDT)

So then, that's that. And another carbon copy. Swing and a miss, but they get two byes this time with India missing the stumps at both ends in an incredibly sloppy finish.

Pakistan end with 159, and India will need 160 to win.

Great recovery with the bat, but do join us again in ten minutes for the chase.

8:51pm (AEDT)

Low full toss from Kumar, into the pads and Rauf off the mark with a six over square leg! Huge shot right there, and important runs for Pakistan. You feel they are well ahead of par given this pitch here.

Swing and a miss on the fourth from Rauf, with a carbon copy on the next. Last ball of the innings coming up.

8:49pm (AEDT)

Afridi gone! Kumar goes halfway down, Afridi tries to go back down the ground, it comes off the high part of the bat and is spooned back to Kumar for an easy catch in his follow through.

8:48pm (AEDT)

Kumar back for the last over then for India. Starts with a wide. Overpitched on the rebowl of it and Masood grabs a single to mid off.

We now have a break in play for a pitch invader.

8:45pm (AEDT)

Three balls to go in this over and Afridi is lighting up the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Arshdeep over pitches this time and the ball flies past mid off.

Karthik then prevents a four on the next ball with some superb keeping, just a leg bye added to the total. The over finishes with Masood grabbing a single down to fine leg.

One over to go. 14 from that one.

8:43pm (AEDT)

What a strike from Afridi! Couple of singles to start, then Afridi takes a stride down the wicket and hammers this over mid wicket for a six. Arshdeep just missed his length there.

8:40pm (AEDT)

Masood can't score from the fourth ball, then does from the fifth with a single to fine leg as he uses the angle from Shami to go around the corner. Afridi grabs a single from the last.

Pakistan will have a competitive total here. Has been a strong recovery littered with moments of madness.

8:38pm (AEDT)

Shami back into the attack, bowling around the wicket. The amount of time Shan Masood has spent up the non strikers end during this collapse here has been almost criminal from Pakistan. First is a dot, then a thick edge runs to the third man fence for four.

The next is just timed away past mid on and another boundary. Not sure about this around the wicket approach from Shami.

8:35pm (AEDT)

Shaheen Shah Afridi is the new man then for Pakistan. Grabs two from the first ball, before a wide fires down the leg side. The rebowl is full and outside the off stump, driven away through the covers and Afridi grabs two.

8:33pm (AEDT)

A regular fall of wickets then hurting Pakistan here. Arshdeep bowling well into his third over here, before eventually getting rid of Asif Ali on the fourth ball, cramping him up on a short ball.

8:27pm (AEDT)

A couple of boundaries here for Pakistan, but then Nawaz will have to depart as Pandya goes with the short ball that just clips the glove on the way through to Karthik behind.

One ball to go in this over, and Ali is straight off the mark with a single punched down the ground.

Pandya finishes with 3/30.

8:20pm (AEDT)

India on top and they are going to try and sneak their last over of spin required in here, with Pandya, Shami, Arshdeep and Kumar able to bowl out from here.

Ashwin looking to just get through this here, and bowling nicely. A wide in there, but only a couple of singles otherwise from the first half.

Now we have a problem. Ball skied and it goes straight into the spider cam. Dead ball.

Eight from the over in the end and we have 5 to go.

8:16pm (AEDT)

Haider Ali in here for Pakistan and he will be heading back just as quickly. Got 2 from the first couple of balls, then looks to take one from halfway down over mid wicket, but picks out the mid wicket fielder.

Crazy batting from Pakistan. They were just starting to get back into this game, but two wickets in an over, as well as the one from Shami, and they are now falling apart again.

8:12pm (AEDT)

Gone! India have another and Shadab has to depart. Hardik Pandya back into the attack. Dot on the first, back of a length on the next and Shadab comes up with a cross bat hack that goes straight to long on where Surya takes the catch.

8:10pm (AEDT)

Shadab Khan defends the first, then comes up with a wonderful off drive for a boundary. So, so crisp.

Shami drags his length back on the next and Shadab squares up, playing and missing. Tight single on the last to mid off taken, with Pakistan picking up just five from that over.

8:07pm (AEDT)

No surprise here as India bring pace back into the attack through Shami. First one attacks the pads with an inside edge saving Iftikhar. The next is a carbon copy, but no inside edge this time and Iftikhar will have to depart.

Great innings though.

Shadab Khan the new man.

8:05pm (AEDT)

And again! He goes big down the ground. KL Rahul flies outside the rope to try and take the catch, but ultimately can't stop another six from being added to the total.

A little shorter on the next and Iftikhar misses into the thigh pad, before one with width is chopped away through point. Beats the infield and another three added.

21 from the over as Iftikhar goes past 50.

If Pakistan win, that is the over where the game changed.

8:03pm (AEDT)

Iftikhar Ahmed starting to get into the game now, and he is fast becoming the key for Pakistan. Axar Patel into the attack and he goes the journey over mid wicket on the first ball with a huge slog sweep.

A dot on the next, then he comes down the track and sends this one over the sightscreen! Whack, whack, whack. Huge batting right here from Ahmed.

8:01pm (AEDT)

Back underway with Ashwin to continue, so more spin. India, I'd suggest, well behind the over rate here, so they will need to get a move on.

A single to start, then Iftikhar goes through the covers, the ball just evading a leaping Rohit Sharma. A dot follows, then Iftikhar comes down the track and hammers this over long on! Huge shot that.

Leg stump for the last and bunted down to mid on for one. 10 from it. Good over for Pakistan.

7:55pm (AEDT)

Pandya back into the attack here for his second over. Iftikhar grabs two from the first into the offside, then a back of a length ball is ran to third man for one.

Turning into a good over for Pakistan too with a single, then Iftikhar slices a boundary away behind point as Pandya offers some width.

More runs to finish the over and Pakistan wrestle a little bit of momentum as we head to drinks.

7:51pm (AEDT)

Strong start from Ashwin here - just the five from his over with some good line and length bowling.

7:47pm (AEDT)

Shami finishes his over strongly with three dots, and speaking of, it's time for Ravi Ashwin to come into the attack.

7:45pm (AEDT)

Shami to continue. A wide and a leg bye get the over underway, and then there is a hook shot from Masood down to fine leg.

Did this carry? Soft signal is out. This is going to be controversial either way.

I thought it may have bounced originally, and replays will confirm that, so Masood survives.

7:41pm (AEDT)

Pandya finishes his over strongly. Nice and full for two, then short with Iftikhar managing to hook away for four.

7:37pm (AEDT)

Well, well, well. Hardik Pandya! Iftikhar manages to get three from the second ball of this over which leaves Masood on strike.

He looks to play into the offside and takes off for a quick single, but then just as quickly turns out. Pandya throws the stumps down, but third umpire Richard Kettleborough will find he was just home.

7:35pm (AEDT)

Hardik Pandya into the attack for India. He starts back of a length, it swings away and Iftikhar waves the bat at it. Play and miss.

7:33pm (AEDT)

Rohit Sharma still operating with two slips here, and Shan Masood starting to pick off the gaps. Defends one, but then a nice cut shot runs for four, before he turns a straight one past square leg for three.

A dot, then a single past square leg to end the powerplay.

Pakistan have recovered somewhat to end the first six overs, but India still well on top.

7:29pm (AEDT)

Shami into the attack from around the wicket. Starts on a good length, cramps Masood up and it hits him in the thigh guard.

7:28pm (AEDT)

Iftikhar leaves the next, then a short ball from Kumar is hammered away through wide mid on for a boundary. Along the ground, great control on that shot.

The last swings away and is left alone.

9 from that one.

7:27pm (AEDT)

Kumar to continue for India with his third over. Starts with a dot, then Masood works one off the pads through mid wicket, and the open expanses of the MCG allow him to run three.

Iftikhar's first ball is flicked off the pads too with Kumar pretty straight, and he runs two.

7:23pm (AEDT)

Masood off to a better start this over, flicking one around the corner for a boundary to fine leg from Arshdeep, then getting up the other end with a single.

Rizwan has no such success though, playing and missing at a length ball across him. The fourth ball of the over is a carbon copy.

Rizwan then almost out the next ball as it falls short of Kohli, before he attacks a short ball, top edges it to fine leg and the catch is completed on the boundary!

India have two.

7:20pm (AEDT)

Kumar is just bowling superbly here. Cannons another into the pads going down leg, then a yorker is jammed out for a single by Masood.

Rizwan has one ball to negotiate and this swings to the leg side, cannoning into his pad again. No run.

India right on top.

7:18pm (AEDT)

Kumar to continue here for India unsurprisingly after his first over went for just one run - and that was a wide.

He starts this over with a wide, then fires a length ball through straight. Off the pad and fielded excellently in the corden with more movement here. The next angles back in as well and Masood all at sea as it fires into his pads. Not out though.

The third of this over is jammed in at the toes, swinging back in and an inside edge to fine leg gives us another 2.

7:14pm (AEDT)

Oh wow! Pakistan panicking here. Masood plays and misses at one, then chops away to mid off and takes an absolutely crazy single. Virat Kohli with an underarm at the stumps, but he misses with the batsman metres short of his ground.

The last of the over is full, swinging to the leg stump and Rizwan gets bat on it. It runs to the fine leg fence for the first boundary of the innings.

7:12pm (AEDT)

India are bowling the absolute house down early on here. Arshdeep with a good length ball that cuts away massively off the seem and beats Masood all ends up.

The next one goes the other way and thuds into the thigh pad of Masood. Pakistan still yet to score off the bat.

7:10pm (AEDT)

Arshdeep Singh to open the attack from the other end then with his left-arm pace.

And Babar Azam! Gone first ball! A full one swings back into the pads of the Pakistan skipper who misses a shot into the leg side. Hit on the pads and it looked a little leg side to me, with Azam deciding to send it upstairs.

And no. This has cannoned into the leg stump! Babar gone for a golden duck. A horror start for Pakistan.

Shan Masood the new man.

7:06pm (AEDT)

Now there is some swing for Kumar! Away it goes as Rizwan throws the bat at it, but another swing and a miss. Great start for India here.

And curse of the commentator. Kumar swings the next away down the leg side, although some great keeping from Khartik stops it becoming five wides.

The last is swinging in viciously. Rizwan no chance of getting bat on ball, and a half LBW shout is turned down. What a wonderful start for India.

7:04pm (AEDT)

Bhuveneshwar off to a great start here. Lovely length ball just outside the off stump, and Rizwan plays and misses away from the body without footwork. The next is defended into the offside.

Great bounce off the deck here from Kumar.

7:03pm (AEDT)

Physio out there for Rizwan. Running through some exercises just to ascertain level of damge.

Added issue here for Pakistan in that he is the wicketkeeper, but looks like he will be okay to continue.

7:02pm (AEDT)

Kumar starting with a couple of slips for India, and while there isn't any swing, he is getting some good bounce early. Rizwan leaves the first, then cops the second into the glove. He is in some serious pain.

7:00pm (AEDT)
Right. Here we go! Babar Azam and Muhammad Rizwan out in the middle for Pakistan.

Bhuveneshwar Kumar with the new ball.

6:56pm (AEDT)
The ICC did not muck around with their umpire appointments for this huge contest. Marais Erasmus and Rod Tucker in the middle, Richard Kettleborough upstairs in the third umpires room. Arguably the best three umpires in the world all on the same game.

6:54pm (AEDT)
This crowd is absolutely phenomenal.

Time for the national anthems ahead of the first ball.

6:45pm (AEDT)
The good news right now is that the radar is clear.

Huge crowd in here in Melbourne.

6:40pm (AEDT)
Right then, India have won the toss and elected to field first.

Here are the teams:

1 Rohit Sharma, 2 KL Rahul, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Suryakumar Yadav, 5 Hardik Pandya, 6 Dinesh Karthik, 7 Axar Patel, 8 R Ashwin, 9 Mohammed Shami, 10 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 11 Arshdeep Singh

1 Mohammad Rizwan, 2 Babar Azam, 3 Shan Masood, 4 Shadab Khan, 5 Haider Ali, 6 Iftikhar Ahmed, 7 Mohammad Nawaz, 8 Asif Ali, 9 Shaheen Shah Afridi, 10 Naseem Shah, 11 Haris Rauf

6:20pm (AEDT)
Hello and Welcome to Zero Wicket's coverage of the T20 World Cup and this huge Super 12 match between India and Pakistan.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground will be full for this one, and while rain is threatening to spoil the party, we do have 30 minutes of time up our sleeve without any overs to be lost if rain is to strike.

The toss is due in about ten minutes.