Australia v India: 3rd Test: Day 4
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 10: Umpires Paul Reiffel and Paul Wilson speak during a suspension in play following a complaint by Mohammed Siraj of India regarding spectators behind him during day four of the Third Test match in the series between Australia and India at Sydney Cricket Ground on January 10, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Australia v India: 3rd Test: Day 4

The ICC have confirmed the list of umpires and match referees for the T20 World Cup, with appointments for each match completed.

The Super 12 stage of the tournament will feature the eight automatic qualifiers, with four teams from the first round also making it through to then determine who will play in the knockout rounds, for which umpires and match referees are yet to be confirmed.

A panel of 16 umpires from 9 different countries will be involved in the tournament, while 4 match referees from 4 different countries will oversee proceedings.

Umpires and match referees are not allowed to officiate in games involving their own country.

Full list of umpires
Paul Reiffel (Australia), Rod Tucker (Australia), Paul Wilson (Australia), Michael Gough (England), Richard Illingworth (England), Richard Kettleborough (England), Nitin Menon (India), Chris Brown (New Zealand), Chris Gaffaney (New Zealand), Aleem Dar (Pakistan), Ahsan Raza (Pakistan), Marais Erasmus (South Africa), Adrian Holdstock (South Africa), Kumar Dharmasena (Sri Lanka), Joel Wilson (West Indies), Langton Rusere (Zimbabwe)

Full list of match referees
David Boon (Australia), Chris Broad (England), Ranjan Madugalle (Sri Lanka), Andy Pycroft (Zimbabwe)

Super 12 appointments list

Date Match Umpire 1 Umpire 2 TV umpire 4th umpire Referee
Sat Oct 22 New Zealand vs Australia Adrian Holdstock Kumar Dharmasena Langton Rusere Richard Illingworth Chris Broad
Sat Oct 22 England vs Afghanistan Chris Brown Aleem Dar Paul Reiffel Paul Wilson Andy Pycroft
Sun Oct 23 Sri Lanka vs Ireland Ahsan Raza Chris Gaffaney Nitin Menon Michael Gough David Boon
Sun Oct 23 India vs Pakistan Marais Erasmus Rod Tucker Richard Kettleborough Joel Wilson Ranjan Madugalle
Mon Oct 24 Bangladesh vs Netherlands Chris Gaffaney Nitin Menon Michael Gough Ahsan Raza David Boon
Mon Oct 24 South Africa vs Zimbabwe Michael Gough Ahsan Raza Chris Gaffaney Nitin Menon David Boon
Tue Oct 25 Australia vs Sri Lanka Marais Erasmus Richard Illingworth Richard Kettleborough Aleem Dar Andy Pycroft
Wed Oct 26 England vs Ireland Adrian Holdstock Paul Reiffel Kumar Dharmasena Paul Wilson Ranjan Madugalle
Wed Oct 26 New Zealand vs Afghanistan Paul Wilson Kumar Dharmasena Adrian Holdstock Paul Reiffel Ranjan Madugalle
Thu Oct 27 South Africa vs Bangladesh Langton Rusere Rod Tucker Ahsan Raza Michael Gough Chris Broad
Thu Oct 27 India vs Netherlands Michael Gough Ahsan Raza Rod Tucker Langton Rusere Chris Broad
Thu Oct 27 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Richard Kettleborough Chris Gaffaney Marais Erasmus Richard Illingworth Andy Pycroft
Fri Oct 28 Afghanistan vs Ireland Adrian Holdstock Aleem Dar Chris Brown Paul Reiffel Ranjan Madugalle
Fri Oct 28 Australia vs England Chris Brown Joel Wilson Adrian Holdstock Aleem Dar Ranjan Madugalle
Sat Oct 29 New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Paul Wilson Michael Gough Ahsan Raza Rod Tucker Andy Pycroft
Sun Oct 30 Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe Nitin Menon Marais Erasmus Chris Gaffaney Kumar Dharmasena Chris Broad
Sun Oct 30 Pakistan vs Netherlands Richard Illingworth Paul Reiffel Langton Rusere Richard Kettleborough David Boon
Sun Oct 30 India vs South Africa Langton Rusere Richard Kettleborough Richard Illingworth Paul Reiffel David Boon
Mon Oct 31 Australia vs Ireland Chris Gaffaney Nitin Menon Kumar Dharmasena Ahsan Raza Chris Broad
Tue Nov 1 Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Rod Tucker Ahsan Raza Nitin Menon Langton Rusere Andy Pycroft
Tue Nov 1 England vs New Zealand Nitin Menon Langton Rusere Rod Tucker Ahsan Raza Andy Pycroft
Wed Nov 2 Zimbabwe vs Netherlands Adrian Holdstock Richard Illingworth Chris Brown Marais Erasmus David Boon
Wed Nov 2 India vs Bangladesh Chris Brown Marais Erasmus Richard Illingworth Adrian Holdstock David Boon
Thu Nov 3 Pakistan vs South Africa Paul Reiffel Chris Gaffaney Paul Wilson Nitin Menon Andy Pycroft
Fri Nov 4 New Zealand vs Ireland Richard Illingworth Kumar Dharmasena Aleem Dar Adrian Holdstock Ranjan Madugalle
Fri Nov 4 Australia vs Afghanistan Aleem Dar Langton Rusere Adrian Holdstock Kumar Dharmasena Ranjan Madugalle
Sat Nov 5 Sri Lanka vs England Paul Wilson Paul Reiffel Nitin Menon Chris Gaffaney Andy Pycroft
Sun Nov 6 South Africa vs Netherlands Langton Rusere Michael Gough Richard Illingworth Joel Wilson Chris Broad
Sun Nov 6 Pakistan vs Bangladesh Adrian Holdstock Joel Wilson Langton Rusere Michael Gough Chris Broad
Sun Nov 6 Zimbabwe vs India Rod Tucker Richard Kettleborough Aleem Dar Chris Brown David Boon

Qualifiers from Group B in the first round yet to be decided at time of publication. All times listed are AEDT.