Cote d'Ivorie, Cambodia and Uzbekistan have been formerly handed associate membership of the ICC, while Russia's has been terminated at the annual general meeting held in Birmingham this week.

The Ukraine have also had their application assessed, however, with cricketing activities on pause in the country and the board unable to confirm they have all clauses for membership met thanks to the ongoing Russian invasion, their application has been put on pause.

Russia, on the other hand, have been terminated by the ICC after the board had been suspended at last year's AGM over non-complicance around their governance and the direction of the sport in the country.

The three new members will now be able to play T20 international matches have fulfilled the ICC's policies to be inducted into membership.

Those policies include having an administrative structure that is fit for purpose and a pathway for women's cricket, as well as active engagement of the sport in the country.

Cote d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) in West Africa has been known for its football stars over the years, but now has a domestic cricket league as the sport gains popularity in the nation.

The Cambodian administration of the sport has existed in 2011, and the country currently has seven schools who play the sport through a cricket programme.

The sport will also be played in the South East Asian Games in 2023, to be held in Cambodia. Nations in the Games who will field teams include Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Uzbekistan's federation for cricket on the other hand, have existed since 2019 and the nation had its first cricket tournament in November of 2020.