USA Cricket's administrative crisis is continuing to worsen, leading to the organisation receiving multiple reprimands, loss of funding and losing the administrative rights to host the 2024 Men's T20 World Cup.

Atul Rai, the interim board chairman of the organisation, sent a letter to stakeholders outlining the series of events that had occurred:

"I have been engaging with the ICC and Cricket West Indies to start a dialogue on the broader engagement and partnership for USA Cricket with regards to the 2024 World Cup hosting," Rai said according to a CricInfo report.

"I strongly believe that USA Cricket should be the co-hosts for the World Cup, along with Cricket West Indies."

No prior formal statement has been issued by either USA Cricket or Cricket West Indies.

Apart from the issue of the T20 World Cup, USA Cricket has been involved in ongoing issues with regards to their finances.

The organisation has also been in severe debt ever since the cancellation of three ODI's against Ireland in December last year, which result in losses in sponsorship revenue and TV revenue.

"Soon after assuming the office, we were informed that the Q2 Financial report that was due at the end of June 2022 was never submitted," Rai continued in his letter.

"In addition, the 2021 audited financial report that was also due on June 30th was not submitted despite several deadline extensions provided by ICC. The report also required the minutes of the 2021 AGM that was never conducted. You may recall that the 2020 AGM was held in May 2021. Consequently, ICC has suspended our 3rd quarter funding for noncompliance.

The financial issues within the organisation also included players not being paid their salaries on time whilst payments of over $300,000 was being paid to a former CEO.

"The current cash flow situation of USA Cricket is critical, as we have defaulted on employee salaries and USA players' salaries.

"In addition, there were more than $200K of pending invoices from previous non-budgeted expenditure that was overdue, and we are planning for them to be paid, having paid a significant portion of it already."

Rai also stated there have been no plans to hire a new CEO as of this stage, and himself will be the key decision maker going forward.