Surrey player Jordan Clark and one of his teammates have showcased their musical talents, lamenting the death of Test cricket to the famous Don McLean hit "American Pie."

With T20 competitions taking over the world, the pair simply brought out the guitar and changed the words to the classic song to leave their teammates filming nearby in stitches.

"A long, long time ago, I can still remember when a Test match used to make me smile," the opening line reads.

With pot shots at the Hundred and the ongoing circus of limited overs cricket, as well as a reference to former English spinner Gareth Batty, the pair hilariously launched into the chorus.

"Something touched me deep inside the day Test cricket died," the chorus reads.

"So bye, bye, red balls turned into white.

"Change the channel to the Hundred and I'll watch that all night. Big old fools are standing around in their whites.

"Singing this will be the day Test cricket died, this will be the day Test cricket died."